Why Rojgar Abhiyan ?

The progress of a country depends on the workers empowerment

Our society can be broadly divided into two sections i.e. privileged and unprivileged. While the privileged class is reaping the full advantage of digitization with sufficient knowledge and accessibility to gadgets whereas people belonging to the financially and educationally backward class neither have enough idea to handle technologies nor have access to conveniences such as the internet and smart devices. Rojgar Abhiyan is India's first philanthropic endeavor that follows a simple notion where volunteers leverage technology in finding earning resources on the behalf of needy people giving "Digital India" a worthy meaning.

Rojgar Abhiyan In Media

Our work for labourer’s happier life is regularly featured by leading newspapers and online mediums.



child labourers go to work instead of school

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brides in the world is from India

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deaths, below the age of 5, are caused by malnutrition

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do not receive complete immunization



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Our Journey

Rojgar Abhiyan is the result of the joint efforts of the Shakti Foundation and ShramApp. Initially Shakti Foundation and ShramApp was running this program but later on many social workers, volunteers, unskilled workers, unorganized sector workers, blue collar workers, NGOs and donor groups joined us in this journey and offered ample support to make this effort a successful venture. Many recruiters and labour-seeking firms and factories collaborated with Rojgar Abhiyan to provide sufficient earning opportunities for workers.

The Crisis

A huge section of the Indian population is made up of labourer communities like unskilled workers, unorganized sector workers, blue collar workers, semi-skilled workers, etc who are in a tremendous financial crisis, especially after the massive migration move due to the Pandemic. As per the Labour Bureau statistics, 30+ million migrant labourers including skilled - unskilled workers, unorganized sector workers, blue collar workers are facing work scarcity. On a global scale, the scenario of joblessness and poverty is affecting India's reputation making it one of the financially backward countries with a great fall in GDP (-8.0% fall, 2.62 lakh crores USD, 2020). According to the World Poverty Clock, 6% of the totals Indian population (97,697,747 out of 1,392,506,368) is living in extreme poverty and India has been ranked 101 out of 116 countries by Global Hunger Index. Even if we succeed in making 10 million labourers become financially stable through finding reliable Shakti Foundation and Earning Opportunities, there will be a significant improvement in the country's overall economic health.

The Effort

At Rojgar Abhiyan, our sole objective is to make India financially strong by helping economically challenged sections of the society. While many job-seeking labourers may not be aware of the potential earning opportunities around them, the Shram App can help them by bridging the gap between work and the worker. Our Shakti Foundation and ShramApp has helped more than 10000 labourers in stabilizing their earning channels so far. We are hopeful that in coming days we may be able to change many more lives. Our Ngo For Unskilled Workers, NGO For Blue Collar Workers, NGO For Skilled Workers, NGO For Semi-Skilled Workers door is always open for young members, interested NGOs, employment offering individuals, recruiting firms.

Achieved Milestones

Rojgar Abhiyan has transformed 10000+ lives so far! Through societal collaboration, numerous social workers and volunteers have attained a powerful motive to charge into action for the betterment of the unprivileged. Check out the splendid stories that specify our efforts in eliminating poverty by drawing earning opportunities for Shakti Foundation and needy labourers.

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